IRF device is offering a new radio frequency therapeutic method based on a unique capacitive (CP) technology with a wider range of applications.


The use of radio waves in physiotherapy is pleasant and painless and irreplaceable in many painful conditions such as:

  • frozen shoulder and calcification in the shoulder
  • violation of the muscles, ligaments and joints (contusion, distortion, rupture and hematoma)
  • acute and chronic painful vertebral syndromes and neuralgia
  • overstress syndromes (epicondylitis, tendinitis and bursitis)
  • arthrosis and arthralgia (knee, foot, shoulder and hands)

The main advantages of CP technology in the treatment of radio waves:

  • less energy is applied for the same result, and thus the treatment is faster and more secure with more control of its execution
  • there is no current flow through the tissue of the client / patient
  • no side effects caused by the flow of current through the tissue, no contact resistance, nor heating of the skin surface